Thursday, June 25, 2015

Direct Response Marketing: How Customer Profiling Can Make It Work

You got a fully-loaded database of targets whose mail box, digital or otherwise, you bombard with brochures, coupons, newsletters etc. periodically. Sadly, only a portion of those bother returning your call. You know you offer great business and create very compelling copies but the returns on your direct response marketing efforts are still astonishingly low. What could you have missed? Perhaps, you have not taken time to know your targets well enough. Note that direct response marketing is a targeted form of practice. This means if you focus your message on the right target, the more potent that message becomes to bring you conversion. Practices such as email-blasting people in your broad market database is inefficient because no single message appeals to all. Most of the time, your mail simply proceeds to spam boxes. Therefore, it makes sense to profile your target properly before launching your direct response marketing (DRM) campaign.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How to Make Direct Mail Services More Cost-Efficient for Your Business

Direct mail has been an effective marketing medium for a very long time, and continues to be so even in this digital era. In fact, according to the Direct Mail Association Factbook, direct mail prompted a purchase in 65% of consumers in 2013. However, in spite of its proven results, many small business owners hesitate to employ direct mail marketing mainly because of its perceived high initial cost. What these business owners should know is that the cost can be very manageable with the help of seasoned direct mail services providers. Here are some tips on how you can trim down direct mail costs: Filter Your Mailing List Include only those prospects who have the greatest chances of conversion. You can save time, effort and money by focusing only on the right customers. To do this, create a profile for each market based on common attributes and demographics, and determine which group is more likely to respond to your direct mail.