Friday, July 10, 2015

Marketing Services in Denver: Direct Mailing for a Personal Reach

Everything can now be found on the Internet, including details on choosing the right products and service among many brands. It has become a valuable tool in marketing that reaches and influences more customers online, even beyond local communities. With progressive email and content marketing methods, most companies, even small start-ups, fail to acknowledge that information dissemination of brands used to be done through traditional direct mailing. Contrary to popular belief, this process has never gone away, and in fact is still in use even among corporate giants, albeit not as popular as before. While the Internet offers countless possibilities of virtual interaction, it can never replace the timeless worth of human communication on a more personal and direct level.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why Your Small Business May Need Direct Mail Services for its Survival

If you are currently a small business owner or aspiring to be one, you’ve probably come across lots of articles outlining why business startups fail. If you look closely, one common reason for this sad reality is unsatisfactory or wrong marketing strategies. In fact, Forbes’ number one reason for business failures is the company’s inability to really get in touch with their customers through deep dialogue. What does that spell for your marketing tactics? You need to connect more deeply with your target customers. You may already have online services handling that for you with emails and newsletters, but in order to improve your chances of success, you need a more direct approach. This is especially true if you operate in an industry presently choked with big competitors. It may be time to reconsider the direct mail.