Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Direct Mail Services: The Best Types of Coupons for Your Mailings

While the Internet is gaining in popularity as a way for consumers to find the information they need and the discounts they desire on products and services, regular mail is still a leading way to reach large numbers of people in a targeted and personalized way. People still make that daily trip to their mail boxes with great anticipation of what might be inside to capture their interest. Direct mail services make it easy for you to create a customized campaign in a particular area or to reach a specific population, such as senior citizens. Consider these types of coupon offers to include in your mailings on your next marketing campaign. Buy-One-Get-One Free Buy-one-get-one free offers allow new customers to experience more than just one of your products or services. This gives you a chance to increase future sales by showcasing some of your best items.

Three Highly Effective Ways to Use Direct Response Marketing Online

Every time that you see the iconic Nike swoosh logo, a small voice in your head tells you to, “just do it,” which is the company's slogan. Nike is just one of thousands of companies that use branding as a way to excite customers and make sales. If you own a retail website, you might try using direct response advertising or marketing instead. This forms a connection with customers and makes them want to take action right away. You can use this form of marketing in a few simple ways. Offer an Email Newsletter An email newsletter is a simple and effective way to get the attention of shoppers visiting your site. Most digital newsletters send registered users notifications before an upcoming sale and provide them with discount codes that they can use later.