Wednesday, February 17, 2016

3 Ways to Reach Generation Y Consumers with Help from Marketing Firms

Generation Y, also referred to as Millennials, is a highly mobile generation of young adults. These people, born from 1982 through 2000, are coming of age and are of high interest to business owners who want to grow their sales and brands. While Generation Y has grown up in the digital age, Denver marketing firms can help business owners reach this savvy generation of consumers through direct mail marketing campaigns using these three helpful methods. Use Behavioral Patterns A marketing services firm can help you understand and use the behavioral patterns of the Millennials that you desire to target in your marketing campaign. Understanding these behavioral patterns can help to ensure that your direct mailings are successful.

You’ve Got Mail: The Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

As a business owner, you may be well aware that there are dozens of ways to spend your marketing dollars, and your main task right now may be trying to decide how to allocate your marketing budget so that you produce the most effective results possible. This means determining how to get your marketing message viewed by your target audience. Direct mail services may be one option to consider. With a closer look at direct mail postcards, letters and more, you may decide to add this time tested tactic to your arsenal. Putting Your Marketing Directly in the Customers' Hands When you use direct mail as one of the tactics in your marketing approach, you can put something physically in your prospect or customers hands.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Know How Direct Mail Marketing Can Help with Your Branding Efforts

Branding should be at the heart of any of the Denver marketing services you choose to use for your marketing efforts. The good news is that existing marketing efforts you may already be employing, like direct mail marketing, can be tailored to help boost brand recognition and loyalty. Connecting with Your Audience Direct mail marketing offered by prominent Denver marketing firms can be trail and error in the initial stages until you know which customers are responding to your efforts, although test mailings can help define your audience. Brand loyalty can be established through direct mail marketing by: • Addressing customers by name in an appropriate manner • Sending out mailings likely to be of interest to recipients • Including non-marketing efforts like "thank you" cards for recent orders

Tips on How to Make Direct Mail Services Work to Promote Your Business

Denver, CO is home to about 600, 158 people. This provides plenty of potential for you to generate consistent leads and sales. However, quality is more important than quantity when using direct mail services. How to Convince People to Read Your Mail People do not receive as much mail as they did before email marketing was invented. However, you still have to design your letters, fliers and postcards in a way that makes people want to read them. The best way to improve your mailing list reading rate is to keep the message as short as possible. For instance, you could just send a post card with a coupon on it that offers a free trial. If you choose this promotional method, you will want to include a phone number, address or website where the person can sign up for the trial.